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We don’t deserve this!!

We are right we don’t deserve this, this statement is a natural part of your grieving process, along with being angry and upset and looking for someone to blame. The is a process that you’re entitled to!!

But when it comes down to it we don’t deserve this, the little ones don’t deserve this! So how do you go about getting your head around your situation? 
Be upset, be angry blame people but after doing all this you need to get your head straight. It’s not about us it’s about your little one. They don’t deserve this but what they do deserve is you at your best. 
You’ll hear the question “why does it always happen to good people?” ….It’s needs to happen to the good people… if a baby is born with a disability they need to be with good people who are going to provide the best!! 
The grieving process duration depends on the person, there’s no correct time of how long is appropriate to grieve. To be honest I bet we never actually stop grieving! But there comes a point that you need to say “ I’m not going to let this get me down anymore and I need to crack on and start dealing with what needs to be done!”
The more time you spend worrying about what the future may hold is time wasted, you’re worrying about something there are no answers to! There’s no text book to say this is your child’s and your path in life. You can worry and worry and worry, which is natural! However the more time worrying is less time enjoying what you have. It’s going to get more difficult as time goes on for everybody, so spend the easy years making great memories. It’s these memories that will help you deal with the harder times that are ahead.
It’s time to stop worrying, start organising, start researching, start preparing and most importantly start enjoying! 
We are still here to do our job as parents, fair enough it’s a more difficult job than other parents, buts it’s s job that still needs doing, and it need doing right. And your baby is still your baby!